High School Results – Corona Virus Impact on Education

High School Results – Corona Virus Impact on Education

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) originated in China has engulfed seven continents of the world, and there are far-reaching implications in various aspects of life. Undoubtedly, the virus has redefined the way people think, act, and plan their lives for the future. There is a great impact on businesses, employees, schools, hospitals, and leisure activities. Schools in Britain were closed for an indefinite period, and exams canceled to prevent the spread of the virus. It necessitated the implementation of an alternative system to check the performance of students.

Controversy over computer algorithm

The alternative system for assessing student performance and grades based on the computer algorithm led to widespread criticism from the student community. It led to dissatisfaction with the teaching community and parents also. There is vast prominence for the school-leaving qualifications as it will pave the way for entry into universities. A computer algorithm was introduced to get accurate predictions of teachers so that teachers cannot offer high marks to students as per their whims and fancies.

The government has decided to address the inconsistency of the computer-controlled algorithm. As per the revision, students who score high grades due to the algorithm implementation will retain and enjoy the benefits. They have the privilege to take admission into the universities of their choice. Other students' results will be matched with the predictions and assessments in tune with the school teachers.

As teachers are preparing for the new school term, they will be under great stress in addressing student's grades. Even though most of the student's concerns about their grades may be addressed through the teacher's intervention, some students may still miss the bottom-line due to lower grades. Few students fail to undergo the course of their choice at their favorite university. Students in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland faced similar situations, and the local administration has corrected the issue. Hope the British Government will address the issue as well.