Michael Cohen,Trump’s Ex-Fixer Pleaded Guilty To Lying To Congress Regarding Involvement In Trump Real Estate Deal In Moscow.

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Robert Mueller of Justice Department special counsel offered the convincing case yet of  Pres. Trump’s ties with Russia and the effort to conceal them when Michael Cohen, Trump’s ex-fixer acknowledged Thursday that he lied to Congress regarding the interest of Pres. Trump in a Moscow development project.

In 9 pages of detailed court papers, Mueller’s team countered Pres. Trump’s oft-repeated claims which he had no interests in Russia. 

Michael not just lied when he spoke to the Senate and House Intelligence Committees which all discussions regarding a Trump Tower development in Russian had stopped in 2016, according to federal prosecutors, but sought to conceal efforts to push the said project to advance the political prospects of Pres. Donald Trump during the 2016 contentious campaign and restrict his possible legal jeopardy.

Michael made the forged stamen to lessen connection between the Trump and Moscow project and give forge impression that the said project ended before the Iowa caucus and the first primary in anticipations of limiting the ongoing investigations of Russia, this what Mueller’s team told in court papers. 

The criminal protest made public November 29, 2018, meticulously separates the reality from the fiction Michael spun for congressional investigators in maybe his final acts as Trump’s loyal fixer prior to joining the team of Mueller’s as a vital cooperating witness.
Michael’s Cohen Testimony: Moscow development project ended in 2016 and wasn’t discussed broadly with Trump Organization. 

Fact: The said project was deliberated many times in the Trump Company and didn’t end in 2016. In the peak of Trump’s campaign, and as he denied any connections to Russia, Michael discussed hard works to get the approval of Russia and briefed Donald and his loved ones regarding the project. 

Michael Cohen's Testimony:  He never agreed to take a trip to Russia in connection with the project and never considered asking Donald Trump to take a trip for the development project.

 “The importance of Cohen’s petition or statement is motive. Not Michael intention but Trump’s intention for deferring to Russia again and again. According to Jens David Ohlin, Cornell Law School vice dean. “The intention is money and business deals."


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