Bridenstine Planned a Workplace Culture as well as Safety Evaluation

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Jim Bridenstine stated Elon Musk would not be smoking a joint on video podcast of a renowned comedian anytime soon. Talking with reporters, Jim noted that people would not be seeing Ion smoke marijuana in the public as was perceived doing back in September on The Joe Rogan Experience

Bridenstine stated in The Atlantic’s statement, and he will not tell you that wasn’t helpful, and which he didn’t inspire confidence. The leaders of the organization have to take that as an example of what to carry out when you manage a company which is going to launch American astronauts. According to Bridenstine, Ion is committed to security and safety as anyone, and he knows that wasn’t right behavior and you will not see that action again.

Bridenstine personally planned a workplace culture as well as safety evaluation of Musk’s and Boeing SpaceX earlier this November. Both organizations have been tapped by NASA to give passenger spaceship for the agency to shuttle astronauts to the ISS or International Space Station, with the initial test flights scheduled in 2019.  The agreement is worth $6.8 billion, and it specifies that both agencies “maintain a plan for getting alcohol and drug-free workforce.

Bridenstine states the reviews are an insurance measure to ensure both companies aren’t prone to mishaps that could lead to the death of astronaut because of workplace safety, stress, as well as long work hours. Those possible issues happened to apprehension for NASA after Elon Musk’s on-camera marijuana use. According to Bridenstine together with extremely public as well as transparent admissions from the Chief Executive Officer that he has been working demanding hours and pushing himself to his total limits at his electric car company Tesla.

However, Bridenstine told the reporters that place of work culture, as well as safety evaluation, was on his plan before the involvement of Ion in smoking marijuana with Rogan.